The worst. 

If you don’t want your loved one to get hurt… Give them a reason to despise you.. 

Whoever said that love is most powerful had certainly not witnessed the power of hate. In today’s world love is adulterated with lust, amalgamated with envy and almost everytime traded for pleasure. But hatred is always pure emotion… 

There comes a time in every relation where situation is difficult to handle. No matter how hard you try but once they have indicated it’s not going to work out the way it’s meant to be, no amends are possible, it’s beyond repairs… Then it’s time to end things even the thought of if it breaks you in crumbs bit by bit… But to say hello to the better tomorrow for both, you have to play villian.. And when talks don’t affect.. It requires some action. Some pretty hardcore ugly action… You know it’s bad, almost evil.. But a sad day is always better then a worse of eternity. 

You don’t want them to understand, you don’t want them to make amends… It’s the time of final blow, nail in the coffin, Armageddon of your relation. It’s the point of no return.. 

That being said.. Go put them out of their misery.. Finish off.. Try to live and let them live.. And just hope it doesn’t happen again with anyone else… 

Peace out. 



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