***The more you love***

I’ve poured all my love,

every bit of it I contained,

my inside is all empty,

cuz nothing inside remains,

I tried each nd every way,

to get her back again,

but all I got is shit,

all went in vain,

Tomorrow is my exam,

I don’t give a fuck,

can’t get away from her,

I am totally stuck,

its hurting me inside,

I can’t bear the pain,

its just not for today,

It comes over again and again,

I tried to be generous,

as much as I can,

but this world is not for the good,

its a truth nd it sustain,

I’ll try to be good,

and to be the same,

but I knw that I can’t,

be like myself again,

S.salivahanan in front of me,

not sure to read or just lie,

today its just me,

nd my inside nearby,

I am just sitting beside,

nd seeing him die,

I just wanna tell u guys,

the more you love,

the soon you die..


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