From the window, fell on the floor

3 streaks of light and nothing more.

From the curtains it found its way,

it looked like just another day.


From little slits in weary eyes,

I saw a ceiling fan swirling up high.

The old school wall clock struck ten,

I found myself staring at a corner then,


Melancholy of desolation took over me,

not a single soul around me to be.

I could feel someone lying beside, but

couldn’t see, don’t know where she hides.


Desperate to find more about her,

gripping onto me was an unknown fear.

If she’s not the person I want her to be,

it’s all a sham and a mirage to see.


Lost in thoughts I stepped on cold floor,

faltered and lumbered my way to the door.

Ignited the smothered end of a half-lit cigarette,

smoke somehow twisted to form her silhouette.


Finding the lost, knowing the unknown,

phantom fear of chimera nabbed me down.

Restrained by mental chains, my brain is bent,

sound of an unsung melody siphoned down the vent.


I need to say goodbye to long-standing fears again,

challenge preconceived ideas, break off the chain.

and To resuscitate, dust off and to be free,

I need to know, IF it’s really a sham and a mirage to see?




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